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Financial Consulting

I apologize for the limited posts the past couple weeks. I dove head first into my business and things are going great. I have learned a lot and am having fun helping the companies I am working with. They seem … Continue reading

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Purchasing Power

I read a blog the other week that called our current times, The Age of Choice.   It was about all the information that is available now and the choices we can make because of this additional information.   They looked … Continue reading

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Response to the Pessimism

I felt like my last post was too pessimistic and I wanted to do another post with an idea I think would be good to stimulate the economy. In this current economic environment there is no good reason to spend … Continue reading

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2011 Pessimistic Predictions

I sat down with a client this week and discussed the current real estate climate, economy, and world politics and even through out some predictions for 2011.  We had a great conversation that got my mind stirring so I thought … Continue reading

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Green Wall Pics

We finished the green wall last week! AENA provided the design and installation with help from Blondie’s Tree House, who chose the plants, developed the layout, and sourced all the plants..  I’ll provide a link to the AENA update when it’s finished. Below … Continue reading

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Blog Catch up

I haven’t had a chance to read all my favorite blogs for a couple of days and I feel like I missed a lot. I was going to tweet some of them until I realized how many I had. From A … Continue reading

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Trump’s The Art of the Deal

I just finished Donald Trump’s The Art of the Deal. I’ve been looking for good business/finance/real estate books for the past couple months (and would love to hear about more) and while I didn’t know much about Donald Trump before … Continue reading

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