DRC Real Estate Consultants

DRC Real Estate Consultants offers a variety of services to its clients.

Financial Management/Bookeeping – As a short-term consultant we can work with the company to develop the company based on its strengths, weaknesses and long-term goals.   We will then work with the existing accountants, bookkeepers and administrators to put the plan in place. This will include a review of the accounting system to insure the correct account set up and expense classification that corresponds with the company goals and policies. The next step is to train the staff so that income and expenses are entered to the correct accounts and billed efficiently to the client. Once the plan is in place we are available to check in weekly or monthly; to answer any questions, perform a company review and work with the staff to develop responses and updates to any problems.

Property Management – Using our knowledge and experiences in bookkeeping and brokerage development DRC Real Estate Consultants knows first hand the importance of property management.  We can work with you to set up the correct ownership structure to limit risk.  We will also provide monthly and or quarterly reports so you can be sure your property is providing you with the highest return possible.  We are also able to manage all leasing and maintenance on the property.  This includes marketing the property, preparing leases, and performing regular maintenance and emergency repairs.

Brokerage– Specializing in sustainable properties and new developments, DRC Real Estate Consultants is an expert in this field and constantly researching and investigating the newest green products and properties.  We are available to assist developers as a green consultant or broker the sell out of their development.  Once involved in the project we take an active lead on the sales and financial side.  We work with developers in every stage of the project, from site acquisition through budgeting and scheduling and final sell out.

Please read our blog for some green building tips and financial analysis.  Please send an email with any questions or to discuss pricing for any of our services.  culver.daniel@gmail.com


144 E 44th St Office Space

Park Ave Short Term Apartment Lease

Top Floor 2 Bedroom Apt near in Forest Hills section of Queens


Moving Companies


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