Stuff and Green Material

I recently began the spring semester and one of my course’s is Design for Green Materials. This course will introduce us to green materials and the process these materials follow throughout building, and design. In class we watched a short film about the cycle of stuff and how we consume. Here is a link to that film.

It got me thinking about the cycle. Here is a what I came up with;

Being able to change the way we consume products is a task that will alter the way we have become accustom to living.  We would all like to think that it would be easy and attainable to curb the desire for more stuff, but we still go out and buy. How many times have you gone to a store with one item in mind and left with bags full?  To help the cycle become more sustainable we have to look to and integrate green materials into the design. Some people will buy the product because of its impact, but most don’t care to think about it. Do you think about the type of plastic your phone was made from?  Was it the deciding factor that made you purchase that particular item?  Consumption is a large part of the problem, but until we can all realize that we don’t need all this stuff, we have to look at design to take us back to the cradle we came from.

My professor also set up a class blog. There are no posting from our class yet, but keep an eye out they’ll be coming soon.

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