Leap of Faith

Below is part of an email I sent out to some family and friends yesterday.  The responses have been amazing and makes me much more confident that the choices I am making are the correct ones.  Thank you to all that have emailed/called/texted.  I am extremely grateful for everyone’s support and look forward to the future. 

For the past couple of months I have set up my business and prepared for the future. I set up a business checking account, got a business credit card and applied to hundreds of jobs looking for part-time work. Last week I finally found a position that was right for me and made the leap. I no longer have full-time employment and am out on my own as a financial consultant in the real estate industry.

Since I made that decision my entire perspective on life has changed. I always acted like I was my own business but now I feel it.  I am determined to find new opportunities for myself and meet with people who could help me find those opportunities.

I believe I can do the most good for the companies in the real estate industry as a part-time short-term consultant.  As a short-term consultant I can work with the company to develop  how the company should be set up based on its strengths, weaknesses and long-term goals.   I can then work with the existing accountants bookkeepers and administrators  to put the plan in place. I will review the accounting system to insure the correct accounts are set up and classified in a way that corresponds with the company goals and policies. I will then work to train the staff to enter income and expenses to the correct account and billed efficiently to the client. Once the plan is in place I am available to check in weekly or monthly to answer any questions, perform a company review and work with the staff to develop responses and updates to any problems.

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase” – Martin Luther King.  I look forward to finding the rest of the staircase.

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