Green Wall Pics

We finished the green wall last week! AENA provided the design and installation with help from Blondie’s Tree House, who chose the plants, developed the layout, and sourced all the plants..  I’ll provide a link to the AENA update when it’s finished. Below are pictures of the installation with some notes.

We started by putting water proofing on top of the existing wall and then framing it out with aluminum tubing.

On top of the aluminum tubing we installed pvc panels. We also installed the copper drainage basin.

After the pvc panels we installed the first layer of growing medium. This almost felt like carpet padding and a second layer went directly on top of this.

This shows the wall, basically completed. We installed a teak wood trim to cover to copper drainage basin and ran water lines on top of the first layer of growing medium.

This is the wall with the second layer of the growing medium and the plant layout on the wall.
The first planting!  This also shows the pockets that were cut in the growing medium.  The plants are put in the pockets with just a bit of potting soil.
The finished product!  It looks great and the client is really happy with the results.  I’m excited to see how it effects the work space.  I’ll check back in every once in a while with updates.
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