New York City Building Codes

There are a number of changes in the New York City building code that will force construction in New York City to be more sustainable.  This means more opportunities for people with green building experience.  It also means that developments, buildings, offices and homes that are not sustainably constructed will need to be discounted to compete with more efficiently constructed buildings.

The first legislative component updates the New York State Energy conservation codes to be more stringent in New York City.  It can be found here. This is achieved through a number of amendments to the state code.  These include the requirement of an energy model for all new construction in New York City.  It sets up periodic updates to insure the energy code is up to date with the state energy code.  Establishes an advisory committee to provide advice and recommendations on the city energy code.  Requires the design professional of record to certify that the plans are in accordance with the energy codes.  Lastly, it includes a list of specific energy improvements that need to be included in all new construction.

This is getting longer then I imagined, so I’m going to break it in to parts so as not to overwhelm everyone…Part 2 coming shortly!

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