Dr. John Todd and the Eco-Machine

The Academy of Natural Sciences http://www.ansp.org/  in Philadelphia is host to a series of lectures and panel discussion on a range of topics from urban sustainability to environmental action. Recently the Academy hosted Dr. John Todd the inventor of the Eco-MachineTM. http://toddecological.com/

The Eco-MachineTM is a water purification system based on ecological design. The system is a tank-based system that purifies water without the harmful and hazardous chemicals that are typically used in wastewater treatment. They can be integrated into building design through a greenhouse or an interior exterior combination that features aquatic cells and a constructed wetland.

Each aquatic cell (where treatment occurs) is its own ecosystem with varying groups of life depending on the stage of treatment the cell is designed to address.  The first stage cells are home to microorganisms, fungi, bacteria’s et cetera which break down the harmful organic matter and begin the treatment process. As the treated water moves through the following cells more complex organisms and plants such as snails, clams, fish, flowers, trees, and shrubs can be introduced creating beautiful water gardens and hatcheries that easily integrate into building design.

The Eco-MachineTM is being used in a range of water treatment applications across the globe. In New Lebanon, New York the Darrow school is using the Eco-Machine in place of an outdated and failed septic system. 

In Kona, HI the Eco-Machine is being used to keep a 3.5 million-gallon pond clean and free of alga, instead of using the typical flush out process that uses valuable water the dry side of the island cannot afford to waste in treatment systems. 

In Fuzhou, China the Eco-Machine is being used to address the cities wastewater and sewage system. Prior to the Eco-Machine the city dealt with wastewater and sewage through a series of canals that dumped the highly polluted water into the Minjiang River without any treatment at all.

The Eco-Machine is being used to address wastewater treatment privately and publically both on the small and large scale across the globe. Using ecological design and environmental integration I think the Eco-Machine is a great example of where the world of sustainable technology is heading.

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