Reducing your Energy Bill

Don’t just winterize your home in the cold months to come, de-energize it. Take those winterization projects a bit further and save money all year round. Some of the same techniques we use to winterize our homes have energy saving benefits as well.

De-Energizing your home, is the new winter accessory and it’s totally DIY. Here are some tips to get you started

DIY Energy Reduction:

1: Take an assessment of all your windows and doors and make sure all gaps, cracks, bumps and creaks are sealed up.  You can purchase door sweeps, insulation, caulks, ect at your local hardware store. If you’re feeling ambitious crawl into those hard to reach place in your home and seal them up too. Check all joints, corners, attic and basement floors. If you feel a draft than seal it up. If you see light stuff it up.

2: Change out those old incandescent bulbs, to compact florescent or LED’s. You don’t have to change them all out at once, no need to waste; you have the bulb that’s there so use it. Buy a packet of Compact fluorescents or LED’s and save it for when that old bulb goes.

3: Use power strips for electronics that automatically cut all power off when electronics are not in-use. This will save you more than you think

4: Check your HVAC system filter every one to two months especially in high use seasons, clean and replace as necessary.

5: Reduce your hot water heater to 120 degrees Fahrenheit and insulate exposed pipes.

6: Switch out showerheads and faucets to low-flow fixtures and install dual flush toilet systems.

Simple, inexpensive, and reliable, these small strides will help keep you warm at night and happy sleeping; knowing that you’ve saved some money helped the planet, and took my advice.

And…. Don’t forget grandpas’ olde favorites!

Do you live in a barnThen shut the door!

Not in the room? Turn out the lights!

Turn the water off when you brush!

If you’re cold, put on a sweater!

When I was your age we had to walk 10 miles to work in the blistering cold, now you cant walk to the corner store!

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