Looking in to the future, through windows that can produce energy!

Onyx Photovoltaic Glass

I had a lunch and learn today with Onyx Solar today.   They created technology that incorporates solar voltaic cells into the  windows of a building.  These photovoltaic cells produce energy without having to install a separate solar voltaic system on the property.     

Above is one a product that is scheduled to be released early next year.  This is a walkable photovoltaic glass.  Instead of installing solar panels on top of a roof, these would be installed as the roof.  Depending on the photovoltaic glass chosen it would also be able to act as a skylight. 

The picture above is one of the laser dotted transparent glasses.  It was laminated with a PV material that provides added insulation, produces electricity and still allows light to pass through it.

This is a very creative company and I was impressed by their product.  They are just getting to the U.S. and recently started on their first project in the states.  One of the problems with this product and many other sustainable products is that many of their products are not available in the northeast. In my experiences the west of the U.S. and Europe has better access to sustainable technology.  For us east coasters their is a disconnect between the marketing department and production. As a green builder I am constantly researching and learning about new products, but when it comes time to spec the product for use, you realize the product is not being produced in your area or if it is the lead time is so long, it won’t fit in with the project schedule.  I look forward to the demand and interest of these products increasing which will hopefully push the companies to produce more.  Eventually as the technology gets more common the prices should fall as well.

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